Omron CJ1W-ETN21 CJ1W-INT01 Automation and Safety

Omron CJ1W-ETN21 CJ1W-INT01 Automation and Safety

Omron CJ1W-ETN21 Automation and Safety

Omron Electronics CJ1 Series Programmable Logic Controller CPU Bus Unit, EtherNet module, FINS communications service (TCP/IP, UDP/IP), FTP server functions, 4 max units, 100 Mbits (100Base-TX)/10 Mbit/s (10Base-TX), 370 mA @ 5/DC

  • Manufacturer: Omron
  • Product Family: CJ Series
  • Communications Cable: 100Base-TX
  • Communications Functions: FINS communications service (TCP/IP UDP/IP)
  • Product Type: CPU Bus Unit

CJ-series Ethernet Unit


  • Use Ethernet to implement various communications protocols.
  • Implement FINS message communications using UDP/IP or TCP/IP with a user application on a host computer or with Support Software, suchas the CX-Programmer.
  • Use the clock on an SNTP server to automatically adjust the clocks in the PLCs connected to the Ethernet network. (An SNTP server is required separately.)
  • An FTP server is built in, so files can be used to transfer PLC data between network PLCs and workstations or personal computers with an FTP client.
  • Email can be used to send commands to the PLCs, or triggers can be set so that the PLCs will send PLC data or Ethernet Unit status to a host computer.
  • The standard UDP/IP and TCP/IP protocols are supported to enable communications with a wide range of devices, workstations, personal computers, and Ethernet modules from other manufacturers.
  • The SMTP/POP3/SNTP servers enable the use of host names instead of IP addresses. (A DNS server is required separately.)
Model numberCJ1W-ETN21
Type100Base-TX (Can be used as 10Base-T)
Applicable PLCsCJ-series PLCs
Unit classificationCJ-series CPU Bus Unit
Mounting locationCPU Rack or Expansion Rack
Number of Units that can be mounted4 max. (including Expansion Racks)
Media access methodCSMA/CD
Modulation methodBaseband
Transmission pathsStar form
Baud rate100 Mbit/s (100Base-TX)10 Mbit/s (10Base-TX)
Transmission mediaUnshielded twisted-pair (UDP) cable
Categories: 5, 5e
Shielded twisted-pair (STP) cable
Categories: 100 Ω at 5, 5e
Unshielded twisted-pair (UDP) cable
Categories: 3, 4, 5, 5e
Shielded twisted-pair (STP) cable
Categories: 100 Ω at 3, 4, 5, 5e
Transmission distance100 m (distance between hub and node)
Number of cascade connectionsNo restrictions if switching hubs are used.
Current consumption (Unit)370 mA max. at 5 V DC
Weight100 g max.
Dimensions31 × 90 × 65 mm (W × H × D)
Other general specificationsOther specifications conform to the general specifications of the CJ-series.

Omron CJ1W-INT01 Automation and Safety

CJ-series Interrupt Input Units
High-speed Starting of I/O Interrupt CJ1W-INT01 PDF Tasks. CJ1W-INT01 datasheet Use Up to Two Units for a CJ1W-INT01 Total CJ1W-INT01 PDF of Up to 32 Interrupt Inputs.
◇Receive CJ1W-INT01 datasheet inputs to start I/O interrupt tasks. When the CJ1W-INT01 PDF Interrupt Input Unit receives an input, the CPU Unit will
interrupt execution of the cyclic tasks in the normal program and execute an I/O interrupt task.
◇High-speed ON response of 0.05 ms
◇Use up to 32 interrupt inputs with up to two Units per CPU Unit.
◇Applicable with both NPN and PNP output devices. Polarity selection is CJ1W-INT01 datasheet not requuired. CJ1W-INT01 datasheet *
* The same polarity is used for the same common.


I/O systemCJ I/O Bus
Expansion unit typeBasic I/O Unit
Type of moduleDigital I/O
Number of digital inputs16
Digital input typeInterrupt, PNP/NPN
Permitted voltage at input20.4-26.4 V
Number of digital outputs0
Digital output typeNone
Output current0 A
Short-circuit protected outputs
I/O connection typeScrew
Number of I/O connectors1
Detachable I/O connector
Suitable for safety functions
Number of IOV (V+) terminals0
Number of IOG (V-) terminals0
Number of COM terminals2
Height90 mm
Width31 mm
Depth89 mm