Omron CJ1W-TER01 CJ1W-II101 Automation and Safety

Omron CJ1W-TER01 CJ1W-II101 Automation and Safety

Omron CJ1W-TER01 Automation and Safety

  • Always accessible through standard USB support
  • Standard Ethernet port with EtherNet/IP Data Link function
  • High program capacity from 5K steps up to 400K steps
  • Higher precision for machine operation and processing quality
  • Immediate refreshing of basic I/O ensures real-time processing
  • High data memory capacity of up to 832K words
  • Serial option board
  • Dedicated function block memory ensures efficient execution of function block software modules

Manufacturer: Omron

Pricing Unit: Each

Weight: 0.020 kg (each)

Tariff code: 84719000

Generic code: OBA

Omron CJ1W-II101 Automation and Safety

Omron Electronics CJ1 Series Programmable Logic Controller Expansion Rack, I/O interface module, 31 mm width, 1 required on each expansion rack for connection w/CPU rack, controls up to 3 expansion racks depending on CPU, DIN rail mounting, D-Sub terminal, 130 mA @ 5/DC

  • Manufacturer: Omron
  • Product Family: CJ Series
  • Product Type: Expansion Rack
  • Manufacturer : Omron
  • Product No. : CJ1W-II101
  • Product Type : I/O Interface Unit
  • End Cover : CJ1W-TER01 (necessary to be mouned at the right end of CPU Rack)
  • End Plate : PFP-M (2 pcs)
  • One I/O Interface Unit is required on each Expansion Rack.
  • Current consumption (A) (5V) : 0.13
  • Weight : 0.07 Kg
  • Shipping Weight : 1 Kg

Product Details

Expansion Control/Interface Modules and Cables

All CJ1M CPU models directly support up to 10 I/O and communication modules. With the CJ1M-CPU13 (512-5851) or CJ1M-CPU23 (512-5873) you can also add a further discrete expansion assembly comprising a PSU, an interface unit, and up to 10 I/O modules as detailed below.

Connect a CJ1M-IC101 I/O Control Unit (510-1445) immediately to the right of the CJ1M-CPU13 or CJ1M-CPU23Select a power supply unit for the expansion assemblyConnect a CJ1M-II101 I/O Interface Unit (510-1451) immediately to the right of the power supply unitSelect a CS1W-CN313 (300mm) (510-1568) or CS1W-CN713 (700mm) (357-6522) cable to connect the I/O Control Unit to the I/O Interface Unit (ie this links the original assembly to the expansion assembly)Add up to 10 I/O modules to the right of the I/O Interface Unit to complete the expansion assembly

Omron CJ1M CPU’s, PSU’s and Expansion Control/Interface Modules

The CJ1M is a powerful and compact PLC family, covering applications requiring up to 640 I/O. CPU models are available with built in pulse outputs for stepper or servo control, and all CPUs in the CJ1M family enjoy optional modules for many types of I/O and communications. The CJ1M is the next generation of PLC from the earlier CQM1 series, and program compatibility eases migration between them.As with other Omron PLCs, the CJ1M series is programmed with CX-Programmer (RS stock no. 400-6440), designed for compliance with IEC61131-3. The backplane-less construction of the CJ1M series makes selection and installation simple; choose the CPU and power supply unit, then the I/O modules to suit the application. These items are simply plugged together end to end and then mounted on DIN rail.