Omron CS1W-CN223 CS1W-CN713 Europe Automation and Safety

Omron CS1W-CN223 CS1W-CN713 Europe Automation and Safety

Omron CS1W-CN223 Europe Automation and Safety

Cable 2m length – Connects a C.P.U. Bckplane or CS1 Expansion Bckplane to a CS1 Expansion Bckplane – OMRON (SYSMAC CS1 series – CS1W-CN) – technically compatible with NSJ; CJ-series

  • Manufacturer : Omron
  • Product Category : Controllers
  • RoHS : N
  • Series : CS1
  • Brand : Omron Automation and Safety
  • HTS Code : 8543709960
  • Product Type : Controllers
  • Factory Pack Quantity : 1
  • Subcategory : Controllers
  • Part # Aliases : CS1WCN223
  • Shipping Weight : 1 Kg

Omron CS1W-CN713 Europe Automation and Safety

Omron Electronics CS1 Series Micro Programmable Logic Controller Accessory, connects CS1 expansion I/O backplanes to CPU backplanes or other CS1 expansion I/O backplanes, 0.7 m length

  • Manufacturer: Omron
  • Product Family: CS Series
  • Product Type: PLCs Accessory

Omron PLC Cable CS1W-CN713

  • Extended Product Type: CS1W
  • Product ID: CS1W-CN713
  • OMRON Type Designation: CS1W
  • Description: CABLE ASSEMBLY I/O 2.3′


  •  Dramatic reductions in installation cost, space, and set-up steps are attained by eliminating the need for external setters and converters.
  • Process value alarms and rate-of-change calculations can be executed from temperature and analog inputs.
  • Rate-of-change limits and high/low output limits calculated for analog output.
  • Peak/bottom hold and top/valley hold functions can be used for process values ([email protected]@[email protected] only).
  • Zero point and span can be adjusted for any specified range, andadjustment days and times can be automatically saved. The adjustmentdeadline and adjustment deadline expiration notice can also beset and notification given ([email protected]@[email protected] only).
  • Changes exceeding a set threshold can be counted, and analoginput values can be integrated ([email protected]@[email protected] only).
  • Reduced wiring with MIL connectors (CS1W-AD161 only).XW2D-34G6 Connector-Terminal Block Conversion Unit can beused.

International Standards

• The standards are abbreviated as follows: U: UL, U1: UL (Class I Division 2 Products for Hazardous Locations), C: CSA, UC: cULus, UC1: cULus (Class I Division 2 Products for Hazardous Locations), CU: cUL, N: NK, L: Lloyd, and CE: EC Directives
• Contact your OMRON representative for further details and applicable conditions for these standards.


  • Cable length : 0.7 m
  • Standards : N, L, CE